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The Condition Varicose veins

Varicose veins aren’t just unsightly. They can be painful and debilitating – your legs may feel tired and heavy, with burning, itching or aching, swelling and undesirable pigmentation. The long-term effects can include eczema, ulceration and bleeding. For relief from discomfort, and the confidence to bare your legs again, there is a solution…

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The solution Laser treatment, injections or surgery

An endovenous laser procedure is one of the leading treatment methods for medium sized varicose veins – it’s non-surgical, minimally invasive, leaves no scars and is performed under local anesthetic. It’s also quick – after about an hour you’ll be back on your feet and walking (on more attractive legs) towards a pain-free future.


The analysis Vascular ultrasound

Utilising the latest ultrasonic equipment and techniques a range of potential concerns can be diagnosed. Revealing venous and arterial disease, stroke risk and aneurysm surveillance is vital work, and we can quickly and effectively deliver the answers you need.


The expertise Vascular surgery

Our vascular surgeons are experienced, dedicated and highly skillful. Responsible for introducing laser treatment for varicose veins to the South Island early last decade, they are also recognised leaders for introducing and honing minimally invasive, maximally effective treatments for a wide range of arterial and venous diseases.

Welcome to Christchurch Vein Clinic

We provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for vascular problems, specialising not only in varicose vein treatment using injections, laser and general surgery but also arterial disease assessment and treatment, or advice and surveillance.

We are a Southern Cross Affiliated Provider and our full range of varicose vein treatments are covered by most health insurance policies.

For us it’s about more than simply identifying and repairing blood vessels. Our vascular surgeon leads the way with considerable experience and expertise in his patient-centred care. We offer minimally invasive, technically advanced methods for treatment of varicose veins, and are leaders in our field for treatment of other vascular conditions including arterial disease and aneurysms.

We provide accurate assessment for a range of conditions, including arterial disease, stroke and aneurysm risk factors. For fast, painless and accurate answers; these investigations and subsequent diagnosis can make a huge difference in your life.

Our clients appreciate that we provide the highest standard of diagnosis and treatment for vascular conditions. Our technology is state of the art, our service far-reaching, our care wholehearted.

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